Here are the best reasons for a high quality dental treatment in Romania.
   You can save up to 75% of the cost of a dental treatment. There are no differences with regards to the quality of the materials because we use exactly the ones used in the USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden or other European countries. The Dentist’s Union frequently recommends the use of expensive alloys as gold or dyed platinum gold which are not exactly necessary, in case there is no allergy to the usual ones.

   Employees in general, workers, and even the unemployed cannot afford to pay more for a dental treatment in their countries. In exchange, those who can afford a dental treatment in their country of origin are not longer willing to pay exorbitant prices.

   BUT . . . if you want to have these expensive alloys, it is OK for us. It is your choice.


   Compare the price of every dental service and the warranty period. For how long can you benefit from a warranty and what is a warranty? Which are the services included? Who takes responsibility in case of damages?
   Can you get an equally serious offer taking into account the prices and the dental treatments at your dentist’s?
Is it all publicity in your dentist’s add and is any of it true?

   Apply now and you will receive a cost evaluation for the dental treatment in maximum two working days. This information is confidential and negotiable for every patient.

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