Fixed restoration:
Crowns, dental bridges 5 years (provisory restorations not included)
Inlay/Onlay 2 years (provisory restorations not included)

    Removable restorations:
Partial dentures 3 years (provisory restorations not included)
Total dentures 1 years
Implant (only the product) 4 years

    Warranty exceptions:
In case of post-treatment evolutions – for instance: failure (breakage) of sutures after a surgical intervention or eventual hidden faults in case of dental prostheses. The provisionary therapeutic solutions are not warranted.

    Extension of warranty
It is applied in case of dental treatments and of dental prostheses, eventually the journey cost (only after prior consent of DENTAL TRAVEL ROMANIA).

    The warranty reduction and/or loss of warranty
If the oral hygiene is neglected
If the instructions of the dental surgeon are not exactly followed (for instance failure to bear the movable prostheses during night time)
If the partial or total removable restorations are not kept and properly medically attended
If the patient fail to sit the routine dental examinations at least twice a year
If the gum and the alveolar bone naturally reduce
If the teeth are not medically attended in a proper manner
If the malfunctions of the temporomandibular joint are not treated
In case of accidents for instance falling on the floor or destruction of movable prostheses (false teeth)
If the patient suffers from short period substantial weight gains or loses
If the patient suffers from general disorders which can have negative repercussions on the dental treatment conditions (for instance: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, cytostatic treatment, x-rays therapy etc)
If the patient fail to notify DENTAL TRAVEL ROMANIA before the warranty application

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