Q. Why is treatment so inexpensive?
    A. Simply, because the overheads for a dentist in Romania are comparatively lower than in the EU countries or USA..

    Q. How much money can I save?
    A. Let's take an average example. Say your dentist says you need twelve crowns or units of bridgework at 700 EUR per unit. That's a total of 8400 EUR.
   At Dental Travel Romania, in Iasi that would cost 1440 EUR. If we add 10% to that to cover any extras, that is a total of 1584 EUR. That would represent a huge saving of over 6816 EUR on the price giving plenty of scope for an enjoyable stay in Romania.

    Q. What if something goes wrong after I have left Romania?
    A. In the unlikely event of a failure of the laboratory work Dental Travel Romanian have agreed to meet the cost of travelling and hotel accomodation of the patient for an additional trip to Iasi to carry out any remedial work.

    Q. How long do I have to stay in Romania?
    A. One week is normally more than enough for most crown and bridge work. Implants require a 3 full days stay with a return visit of 10 days after about 4months.

    Q. What about the language barrier?
    A. The dentists and essential support staff at Dental Travel Romania speak English.

    Q. Who else goes to Romania for their dental treatment?
    A. Many thousands of people from Spain fly to Romania for dental treatment, in addition to many Italian people every year.

    Q. How do I pay for my treatment?
    A. You can pay in EUR, Romanian RON or by any major credit card.

    Q. If I want to go ahead with treatment how much notice do I need to give?
    A. As much as you can but we like at least two weeks to organise appointments, accommodation and flights.

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