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    You went to your dentist and you have an estimate of your dental treatment? Too expensive?
Do you have an orthopanoramic radiography? Nothing easier…

    Scan the estimate and the orthopanoramic to a photographic resolution and save it as .jpg format (the filename must contain your name and date, .jpg file - eg. lupusebastian_aug_2005.jpg). Check the scanned image – it must be precise and render all details. If you can’t send us your dentist’s estimate there is no problem.

    It is important however to send us your orthopanoramic radiography in order to find out what are your dental problems.
Sent the orthopanoramic radiography. We will send you in a maximum of 2 working days a counter-offer (the prices and confidential and particular to every patient).

    This counter offer has three parts:
    The first part: it shows you in detail the estimate cost for each part. Here you can find the dental treatments in compliance with your case.

    Second part: it shows you in detail the estimate cost for the trip to Iasi, Romania and accommodation.

    Third part: the sum of both parts. Now you can compare it to your dentist’s estimate.

    We can guarantee you that you will save money, resolving your dental problems and spending an unforgettable holiday in Romania.

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