Every patient may need root canals, fillings, crowns and dental bridges or dental implants. These treatments are very expensive that is why they demand a larger period of time. Dental Travel Romania services cover all particularities of every patient and present you an opportunity in which you will save a lot considering the cost of the transportation and hotel accommodation.
   In any case, you can find here many advantages together with the trip to Dental Travel Romania in Iasi Romania for the stomatologic treatment. Because Dental Travel Romania has its own dental practice, the construction of dental crowns and bridges is most of the times easier than in other EU states. This means that the time from the preparation of the teeth and the definitive cementation normally takes less than a week, maximum a week according to every case.
   Another advantage of our dental practice - the dental technicians work together with the dentist and will finish every little malfunction occurred at the dental crowns or bridges before definitive cementation. The implants impose the return to the dental practice for 7-8 days after 4-6 months.

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